Training with Klaus Mayr

Our racecamps are adjusted to young racers or talents, the racers of the future. We register the present skill levels of all participants and achieve increased efficiency due to a specific training of methods and condition combined with theoretical information.

Practice like and with professionals

Besides Klaus Mayr, the personal tutor of the racecamps, there is a group of professional coaches available. In small groups every participant finds ideal possibilities to satisfy his or her individual needs. With it goes, of course, the latest equipment as video analysis etc.

The whole sportsman at view

Our special attention is on an overall training concept. For only if surroundings, psyche and motivation are right, achievements will also be right. Additional training sections focus, therefore, on the mental advancement of young athletes and improve learning aptitude, adaptation, the power of relaxation as well as concentration – all abilities which you need to put yourself ahead. Above all, however, the joy at serious sport has to be obtained and raised, for only in this way racing may offer long-term perspectives.

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