Two Pates – One Idea

Klaus Mayr

As head coach of the alpine ski national team – male and female – Klaus Mayr advised from 1968 until 1992 amongst others Rosi Mittermaier, Irene and Maria Epple, Frank Wörndl, Markus Wasmeier and Katja Seizinger. During his time of coaching, ski racing saw a mere wave of medals at world championships and the Olympic Games.

Early on, Klaus Mayr recognised the importance of mental training and integrated it into his overall concept of training: “Just one per cent ‘more’ – power, concentration, effort – can decide on victories in skiing.” Klaus Mayr is living this ‘more’ in his very own manner and creates, thereby, a new style of ski camps für offspring racers.

Harald Lischkowitsch

As ski and snow fan he has organised worldwide group tours for over 20 years now. For over 10 years he has worked as coach in the sectors target orientation, motivation and WorkLifeBalance. Harald Lischkowitsch is a trained travel agent; he has studied sports and worked in the USA – Telluride, Colorado et al. – for several years now.

As a toddler Harald Lischkowitsch got acquainted with skis – “footlights, which meant the world to him...”. After the children´s ski course, ski racings and ski teachings the wide world of skiing was waiting for him: Japan, South America, USA, Dubai are just a few stations of skiing which fascinated him. Early he experienced what he lives today: that achievements can or even must be fun to be performed permanently.